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The Healthy Smoker
How to Quit Smoking by Becoming Healthier First

Author: Charles K. Bens, Ph.D.
Availability: Now Available!
Shipping From: Tampa, FL.
Price: $14.95

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The Healthy Smoker Approach - Enumerable studies suggest that quitting a habit cold turkey is extremely difficult and the chance for relapse is significant. With The Healthy Smoker approach, the detoxifcation, healthy diet, slow introduction of excerise, alternative therapies, and internet forum support, the opportunity for success multiples.

The smoker is not asked, or expected to quit until their body no longer needs the nicotine, the mind no longer wants to smoke, and their new found attitude toward their life is one of health progression.

It is this unique approach of becoming healthier before quitting which makes this book and program the most complete available!

------------------- Reviews ------------------

This is a much needed, comprehensive book about how and why to quit smoking. If you thought you knew it all, had tried it all, but are looking for a way to make it happen (this time!), this is the book for you.

It turns out that you need to prepare to quit smoking, and if you do, you have less trouble quitting! Dr. Bens has a wealth of information on every aspect of getting healthier, supporting your body’s wish to be well, and the benefits of specific nutritional supplements. This is information that is specific to smoking, and has never been compiled in just this way before.

“Kudos, Dr. Bens, you’ve filled an important niche. I will definitely recommend this book to my patients who still smoke-that is if they admit it!”

-Carol L. Roberts, M.D. Medical Director and Founder Wellness Works; Radio talk show host, WMNF and WHNZ

“The genius of The Healthy Smoker is that it is a motivational resource for the smoker AND the non-smoker alike. It’s a clear, concise reference guide for those who are truly serious about good health. This is an incredible, must have, book that should be kept with all other timeless references.”

-Kathy H. Cramptom, MBA, Director
Convenient Care Centers, Central Dupage Hospital

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