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The Healthy Smoker - Chapter Summary

Introduces the concepts that cessation of smoking is extremely difficult and that the cold turkey approach does not work for most people. Other health changes use a more gradual approach, which could be the best strategy for most smokers, if it were properly designed.

Chapter I – Can Smokers Really Be Healthy?

The first chapter explores some solid antidotal evidence that some people manage to stay very healthy even though they do smoke. How do they do it? Is it just great genes? Many scientific studies have proven that smokers can greatly reduce their risk of disease by incorporating various healthy lifestyle choices like eating fruits and vegetables, exercising and taking certain supplements. Smokers could actually be healthier than the average person if they incorporated all of these lifestyle choices and still smoked.

Chapter II – The Strength of Smoking Addiction

Smoking is more addictive than cocaine or heroin according to some doctors and scientists. Compared to sixteen other habits and lifestyle choices, quitting smoking is the most difficult. Maybe it makes more sense to make the easiest changes first and save the most difficult one (quitting) for last, after the body has become healthier.

Chapter III – Smoking’s Impact on your Body

Most smokers are in denial regarding their risk of suffering some health challenges as a result of smoking. Smoking impacts every cell in the body and over time will compromise your health, it’s only a question of when and how serious it will be. Denial is not an illness prevention strategy and every smoker should monitor their health to be aware of the gradual negative impact smoking is causing.

Chapter IV – Testing the Health of Smokers

There are a dozen very specific tests that can help smokers to realize the impact smoking is having on their bodies. Many of these tests are not part of an annual physical exam and most doctors don’t even know about them. Getting these tests is an inexpensive and effective way for any smoker to monitor their health and perhaps become motivated to become healthier.

Chapter V – Detoxification Before Anything Else

Cigarettes contain 4000 toxic chemicals and we are exposed to other toxins everyday in our food, water, and the air we breathe. There are foods that cleanse our bodies, supplements that can help this process and natural therapies that help complete the detoxification process. The cleansing strategy outlined is east and will effectively remove a majority of the toxins in your body making it much easier to cut back on your smoking and begin to become healthier.

Chapter VI – The Digestive System: You Are Not Just What You Eat: You Are What You Digest

Detoxification cleans the body but it doesn’t repair damaged cells or build better replacement cells. Most people have compromised their digestive system by eating the wrong foods, eating on the run, not chewing well enough and not eating the right size of meals. Our digestive system also declines as we age. Rebuilding our digestive system with special products and new eating habits will greatly improve the ability of our bodies to actually use the nutrients we take in.

Chapter VII – Nutritional Guidelines for Smokers

There are foods that help cause illness as well as foods that are proven to prevent or even reverse many of these ailments. Removing harmful foods and incorporating more healing foods into our diet is a lot easier than stopping smoking and will produce immediate benefits of feeling more energized, less stressed and less vulnerable to the many diseases caused by smoking.

Chapter VIII – The Importance of Supplementation

It is virtually impossible to get all of the nutrients we need from the food we eat and anyone who says otherwise has not done their homework. A majority of all diseases occur, to some extent, due to the lack of certain nutrients. Quality supplements can fill this nutrient gap and there are hundreds of scientific studies to support the supplements recommended in this book.

Chapter IX – The Importance of Exercise

Exercise is beneficial to detoxification, hormone balance, oxygen distribution, metabolism, stress management, and disease prevention. There is an exercise that is right for everyone and our list explains how to select the best one and how to stay with your exercise program for optimal results.

Chapter X – Natural Therapies for Smoking

Ten natural therapies are featured in this chapter with specific information for the reasons each one can be helpful to smokers. Modalities include everything from acupuncture and aromatherapy to herbal medicine and hypnotherapy with may suggestions for self-application. Once again, it is possible for any smoker to find the exact natural therapy that is tailor-made to help them get past the difficult times in their cutback and cessation program.

Chapter XI – Managing Your Habit

Becoming healthier in order to be able to eventually quit smoking is a great concept but it still needs a good strategy in order to ensure success. This chapter includes suggestions on how to cope with cravings and situations when you are used to smoking. There are plan development guidelines, symptom tracking lists, and may other tools to make managing your cutback and cessation strategy much easier.

Chapter XII – The Psychology of Quitting

The brain is the control center for everything and that includes smoking. Understanding how the rain works can help a smoker to appreciate the need for the changes recommended in this book. Psychological factors such as brain chemistry, social pressures, rationalization, and nutritional brain support are all covered along with a Probability of Success screening test.

Chapter XIII – Cessation Much Easier Now

After successfully incorporating all of the “Healthy Smoker” guidelines, it will be much easier to quit but you will still need a cessation strategy. We not only provide a comprehensive checklist of proven cessation tips but also many additional resources you can access to get help while you are quitting. Now, maybe some of the cessation strategies or techniques that didn’t work before will be more successful and you will be able to finally walk away from your last cigarette.

Chapter XIV – The Ideal Healthy Smoker Protocol

There are many suggestions in this book but you don’t need to do them all in order to be successful. This ideal protocol or strategy is presented to provide an example for how to put together your personal Healthy Smoker strategy. Some elements are more important than others and should always be included while others are interchangeable and can be tailor-made to fit your unique personality and situation.