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The Healthy Smoker Complete Progam

The Healthy Smoker Program is designed to focus on the special nutritional needs of the smoker. Covering all the bases we have a book, workbook and supporting products like the Detoxification Formula, Cell Rebuilding Formula, Sustaining Multiple Vitamin and Craving Control Spray to help you with your efforts in becoming The Healthy Smoker.

Each kit includes:

  • 1 Craving Control Spray
  • 1 Detoxification Formula
  • 1 Cell Rebuilding Formula
  • 1 Sustaining Multiple Vitamin
  • 1 Healthy Smoker Book

In addition, to make it as easy as possible to follow this Ideal Healthy Smoker protocol, a workbook has been developed to guide your cutback and cessation efforts. The workbook contains every assessment tool and checklist recommended in the book along with worksheets for making your plan and monitoring your success.

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Detail Product Descriptions Below

Craving Control Spray: The Craving Control Spray is a homeopathic formula that helps control the cravings smokers may experience as they cut back on the number of cigarettes they smoke. (To be used during all 3 months.)

Detoxification Formula: The vitamins and herbs contained in this formula support the body’s natural detoxification process at the cellular level, in the liver, and throughout the body. (Used in month #1.)

Cell Rebuilding Formula: Is a vitamin and herbal formula that helps provide the nutrients that may have been destroyed or impeded by smoking. This can help promote the cellular health necessary for the proper functioning of all organs and systems. (Used in month #2.)

Sustaining Multiple Vitamin: A special formulation of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that complements a healthy diet to ensure the optimum level of nutrients are available to sustain nonsmokers on an ongoing basis. (Used in month #3 and continuously thereafter.)